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    After about 10 months of use my Treo 180G started crashing regulary with a fatal error. After some testing I found out that just handling the Treo was enough to let it crash so I contacted Handspring Benelux to ask how to replace it under warranty - 'Just send it in' was the answer. I did on friday and it returned on wednesday! That is very fast in my opninion but that was not all...

    The Treo I sent was heavily used and showed it. The unit I got back seems to be new and, to my surprise, different. It feels sturdier (cannot bend the back anymore), more solid and heavy (?!) and the sound of the speaker is much better than the previous one. Another difference; the simdoor which has a different lock. Apart from that al seems well and after syncing the Treo works as I am used to, just hope this one lasts longer (hope and expect it will due to the sturdier feel).

    One last thing, Handspring sent a new Stylus with the unit which has a small tip on the end, writes/points much better!

    To me, Handspring Benelux deserves this positive reaction. From me to them: GREAT SERVICE, keep it up!
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    wow - and i am waiting for my 6th treo to come back repaired from belgium. i hope i am as lucky as you. my experience with handspring in belgium has been absolutely bad and i never was sent a device in less than 2 months after having sent it for repair. this time i am lucky and i was given a slightly defect replacement unit, by the shop i bought it from, to bridge the repair time.

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