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    I know a lot of you have chosen not to sign up for the Vision service because of lack of use. I chose not to sign up and left my wireless web option on my account, but now they are still charging me for Vision. What do I have to do so that they don't do that.

    Bob Everland
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    Hey Bob!

    Wireless web refers to the online service that was offered before "the much quicker and reliable" 3G rolled around. Are you referring to the $5/month access charge for unlimited WW? If so, that should have been taken off your account a long time ago and you may be due a credit by SPCS. If you asked SPCS to remove the Vision Pack from your plan then you should not be paying that anymore.....outside of them telling you the change will go into effect on your next billing cycle. Now, if you don't choose the Vision Pack then you WILL still pay for wireless data service, only as you use the service, whereas the Pack includes unlimited service. If you are not using the data features of your device that often then it may actually be worth your while to get rid of the Vision Pack. Either way, get rid of WW.

    Hope this helps.

    Furhter, WW was essential before the 3G devices came out because any time you spent using data services was deducted from your minutes for that month. With 3G the minutes online do not count against your allocated minutes for that month...
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    Well then that sucks, so the $10 I was charged was for the actual data I used while on the Vision service. Crap, I thought I read that if I kept that option I would just be charged with 3g service per minute. Dang it.

    Bob Everland

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