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    i've got a treo300 and love it, but my agreement just expired with sprintpcs and i'll be going to another service provider most likely. knowing that i'll pick up a treo600, does anyone have any suggestions (and/or advantages/disadvantages) to the other carriers as compared to sprintpcs? i've been a sprint customer for five years, but i get really poor reception in my new house and i'm ready for better customer service, but don't know where to start with the other carriers since nobody is talking about the treo600 officially yet.

    any comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    Borrow a phone form a friend, a store, wherever and take it to your home, office, girlfriend's house or wherever you want to use your Treo600. Do this for each of the carriers that you are considering. That way you can evaluate the carrier's signal before you sign a contract. I was recently considering a switch to T-Mobile, but I took a borrowed phone home and found that I had to stand outside the back door for the phone to find a signal. Next I'll try AT&T.

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