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    I posted this under general software, but decided with memory limitations, it might be better posted under the 300 as that's what I have. I am ooking for your opinions on the best replacements for the standard palm 4x date book, contacts, memo pas and tasks. I want all of my outlook categories to transfer over to my palm without fiddeling around and building cats in the palm. The memory issue came up in a revue of agendus that said it was a memory hog.

    So what is the best, DateBk5, Agendus, Beyond Contacts, KeySuite, or some other program and why do you think so?

    Thanks for replys.
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    Datebk5 is a very powerful app and maybe the best one out there IMO...but it has a steep learning curve those non-aficionados. Infoync did a great review of it a while ago. Agendus is also a great app with tons of additonal features. I probably woudl choose the latter between the two...
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    Datebook5 is too powerful and complicated for me. I use Agendus and love it. In addition, with the newest version you can link your cdatebook, contacts, to-do's AND send and receive email. It is really a wonderful program. (although for the best email program I prefer Snappermail)

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