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    I have a treo 300 and am curious am curious about business connection.

    I use aol 3.52 for the treo to access email. I use contacts 4.14 for an addressbook. Agendus for appointments and blazer for business searches such as yellow pages, directions, etc.

    Of those who have biz connect, do you enjoy it? Is it a worthwhile addition to your plans? Are there to many problems associated with it to make it a worthwhile business tool? It looks interesting, but i've heard good and bad. I would greatly appreciate the "bottom line" on this service. THANK YOU!
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    I will deep six this thread by saying I will take that as a qualified "do your own research" answer!.... Lol!
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    I had nothing but horrible experiences with BC. The e-mail push worked half the time and was able to retreve my contacts about as often. Perhaps look for other options.

    For e-mail push I use SnapperMail and Treo Helper. As for my contacts and appointments, etc, isn't that what a hotsync is for?
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    That's a clincher for me. I appreciate the help, because I was on the verge of adding bizcon to the plan! Interesting,it seems like a real tool, but it looks like it still needs a lot of work. You saved me some money, theguyyo!
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    I've had very smooth experiences with it. I want it to do one thing primarily -- access my email periodically (every 15 minutes for me during workdays) or 'on-demand'. It does both of those very well. I find the Treo useful as a phone, as an organizer, and for Biz Conn. I guess I could look for other options, but given my good experience, I don't have any reason to want to.

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