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    I seem to be hard resetting my Treo more often lately for a variety of reasons and I HATE reconfiguring the phone app. (basic telephone speed dial buttons). Has anyone seen an app. to save those settings somewhere so when I hotsync after a hard reset it just fixes it all like it was? I'm starting to mess with some 3rd party app's for the phone but I'm talking about the basic Treo 300 phone speed dial thing. Thanks.
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    When I have had to hard reset, ALL my settings come back - speed dials, prefs, Blazer bookmarks, everything. The ONLY thing I have to reload are my hacks inside HackMaster. EVERYthing else is there, with the correct install code/pass code/unlock key, whatever. ALL there.
    This experience is not what I was used to with my many previous Palm devices, all from Palm itself, so perhaps HS has cranked up the backup bit functionality somewhat?
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    You can use Filez to set the following files to backup:

    These will backup your dialpad and calling database, respectively.
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    I will try the FileZ thing because my back up doesn't work. Perhaps it's because the battery was totally dead on two occasions. Anyway, thanks...I've been messing with TakePhone but that doesn't seem to allow for easy access to the regular address book, and it reverts to the regular speed dial Treo page on hang up. I need to tweak it more, I guess.
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