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    i'm curently using silverscreen its good but could be better in my eyes have tried launcher x its good but i feel to much going on on the screen and menu's are fidgety

    cant decided which one to settle for

    any sugestions oppinions would be great

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    I dropped silverscreen last week and went back to the original launcher. I didn't like the latency with silverscreen..even though it might have been only 3/4 of a second, I found it very annoying.
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    I use LauncherX (LX) and apart from incompatibility with quite a few apps (FlyZip, Butterfly...), it's ok.

    Also find that if I hard reset and restore, all my files end up in all sorts of tab locations in LX.

    I have yet to find a launcher that does it all and is bug-free.

    Anyone completely happy with their launcher ?
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    I like ZLauncher, except for the delay before it actually shows the screen when I click on it. I'm not sure if it's the program or all the graphics with the colored background and different icons.
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    Yeah, I've heard about that delay before with ZLauncher.

    There is a rumour that the will be a LauncherX II 'soon'.

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