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    a couple of days ago I got an invitation from the French Orange Labs who maintain a developer forum for treo developers. They host a presentation of the treo 600 and it's capabilities on the 24th of September. Since it's said in the invitation that this presentation is before the official release of the treo 600 I asume that at least in France it won't be released until after that date. A release in early October seems rational.

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    Thanks for the heads up treopolis! Also, keeps us informed of any new tidbits of info you may come across at the conference!
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    Are you going to try to attend? I noticed they have only a limited number of seats available but I think I'm going to try to get in. After all, I'm lucky enough to live in Paris so it's around the corner for me...
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    Lucky you. Unfortunately, I can't attend. It's too far, too expensive (getting there) and too unlikely I'd get in. But maybe somebody else will make it.


    ps: don't forget not to sign the NDA at the conference entrance
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