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    I just noticed a few days ago that the right hinge on my second treo has developed a crack. It's probably only a matter of days until it completely breaks. (My first treo broke the same way). Is there anything I can do to prevent it from breaking right, say, try to inject some superglue into the crack?

    Also, if I can hold out until the 600 comes out, what are the chances that Sprint will replace this Treo 300 with a 600?

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    Don't you think it's a bit excessive to bump a message after 12 hours?
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    Yeah, probably ... lol What can I say ... I am impatient ... and nervous that my hinge is going to break any day now.
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    My treo broke on the exact spot you're describing. It also develop the same crack you're describing but I didn't have the foresight to fix it before it complete broke.

    I believe this happens because the spring inside the hinge mechanism is a bit too strong for the flimpsy lid plastic. Long story short, I had to take the lid completely off the phone, glue it and put it back on. It worked like a charm. You probably can get away with gluing it without removing it.

    I suggest you designate at least an hour in which you can let the glue dry. Also be careful with the window on your lid or the screen, they are not fond of the superglue, if you get any on them will damage them. Make sure the glue does not get anywhere else for that matter, like the hinge mechanish or the underside of the lid... otherwise you'll have a phone that's always open... or always closed

    Like you, I am waiting for the 600, but I think we are gonna have to buy them. Since the sprint replacement program uses mainly refurbished phones, it will be a while before they make it into the cycle.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you very much for the advice! I will see if my husband will do this for me...obviously I don't have the patience!
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    Here's my analysis and solution to the problem you described.

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    P.S. Don't you think that they would at least give us a discount on the Treo 600? I don't see the point of getting yet *another* Treo 300 that will break in the same way!!

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    Originally posted by Conrad
    Here's my analysis and solution to the problem you described.

    Thank you very much! I guess I will try that with my *Next* Treo 300, since I just now saw that my lid is definitely going to be breaking within the next couple of times that I have to lift it. :P

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