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    Over the last 2 weeks or so, I've noticed a significant decrease
    in my battery life when using data (such as verichat and treomail).

    I used to be able to make it almost an entire day, but now
    my Treo starts complaining about "extremely low battery"
    after about 2 hours.

    I have not installed any firmware upgrades.

    Has Sprint changed something on their network?
    Another friend of mine with a Treo300 has noticed the very
    same problem.

    I know they have the "battery sled" available, but I don't think
    it's fair to pay $99 just to have adequate battery life.

    I'm tempted to start bringing my charger to work just so I can
    keep a decent charge. ARG!
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    Add me to the list of a rapid draining battery. I did the upgrade hoping it would solve the problem but it didn't work. After much hassle Sprint replaced my phone. I haven't had the time to "turn it on" yet. I'm lucky now to get a 30 minute call with out the battery in the red. Hmm new battery released right after battery problems start happening, could this be some sort of a massive conspiracy/cover-up?

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    Well I recently activated the refurb 300 Sprint sent me and let me say I am EASILY getting twice the battery life of my old unit. I can't believe my local Sprint store "found nothing wrong" with my original phone. Any way I'm glad they finally approved the request for a refurb unit it made a big difference. I guess I'm good for another year (fingers crossed).

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    hmmm...maybe I'll start hassling them about it.
    It just seems very unreasonable to have a dead
    battery after an hour or so of data usage. :-(

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