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  1.    #1 has cut the price of the t-mobile Treo again - to $29 with new activation. Looks like the 600 must be coming soon.

    Do a search on Treo 270 in to find it.
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    or click here.
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    So can I get one and switch in my Cingular SIM and still get the discount from Amazon? Would pay the amount without the TM discount, or is there anyone out there that wants to sell me their 270?
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    The device would be carrier-locked to T-Mobile. Unless you could get it unlocked, you would npt be able to use your Cingular SIM in it.
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    I just ordered my Treo 270 yesterday. After rebates the price is $29.99. Someone asked if they could buy the phone through, using another providers stuff, and claim the rebates. Sorry, Amazon requires that you purchase and sign-up with T-mobile, through them.
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    and now it's back up to $79. Bummer.

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