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    I have stored too many messages in SMS DB in my Treo 270 and it getting slower while using SMS.

    I want to export the old messages (both sent and received) to external files to my PC in plain format (txt, csv, mdb, ......). Is their any utility can support this requirement?

    Or, if I have to develop such an application by my self, where can I get the format description for Treo SMS DB file?

    Thank you for your kindly support.
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    Download maxTEXT .

    It is a third party SMS app for the Treo.

    With maxTEXT, you can transfer all of your SMS's to the Treo memopad. The advantage of this is that you can then delete the SMS's from your Treo and still read them in Palm Desktop (or export the memopad SMS to a .MPA file).

    Alternatively, you can use a .PDB reader (like PDB Converter ). This is a windows app which lets you read your PDB file and save it as and Excel file or .CSV file.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi again nzmoko,

    did you test this?

    I would like to edit the sms messages from the desktop (as you can do while using Nokia phones), and not sure if this is a chance.

    Great thanks,

    BTW. How are you doing? Have been a long time without talking to you
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    Migueld2001: Am using maxTEXT now. Yes it works far as exporting to Memopad. But keep in mind that your existing messages cant be imported. Only the new ones.
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    What I was looking for is a way to edit (in a bidirectional mode) the sms messages using a desktop interface.

    I have no problem using the SMS application included with the Treo 600 operating system, but I would like to have the chance to edit it from the desktop.

    Any ideas?
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    You can try FunSMS for Treo too. I have both maxText and FunSMS. I tend to like the latter.
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    Nope - be warned - dont try funSms for treo -

    at least it was no fun for me - it crashed my whole messaging system - unrecoverable ->
    hardreset - reinstall.


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    this discussion has been very helpful and i'd like to get a copy of max TEXT but can't find it on the net. can somebody help me pls? am looking for a user-friendly version of pdb converter.
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    or google maxTEXT

    Cheers Marcus

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