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    My last upgrade about 2 months ago, when it first came out was horrible. Decreased battery life. Fortunately my Treo broke and they sent me a new one, but with the old version, so it needs the upgrade.

    Is the latest upgrade good? Still problems? My Treo is hanging when I'm on a phone call and another one tries to come in. Does the upgrade fix that?

    Or should I leave it as is and wait for the 600?

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    For me I feel I should have left the upgrade (1.0.1) alone. I was not having any major issues and felt that maybe this would improve things since there were antenna upgrades. So I figured things were OK for me, but maybe the upgrade would make things even better. IMHO the upgrade has made things worse, because now I'm having the battery drain issues that others have complained about.

    In hindsight, I would only apply the upgrade if I had a problem I really wanted to try and get rid of.

    I've never had any problems with the call waiting on my Treo.

    Personally, if they offered a downgrade I'd take it. My battery life used to be much better, even if I kept the data connection going for a long time .

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