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    How often do all the first testers see it on the T600.

    A better form factor and a javascript capable browser are great, but I am really looking foward to the faster processor.

    The one thing I can't stand about my 300 is that it take FOREVER to open new programs.
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    Well the Treo 600 will use the same processor as the Zire 71. So you can probably guess the performance of the treo by comparing it to the Z71 which is apparently quite zippy and fast...
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    Slowest thing on my 300 is to go to another app after surfing in Blazer. Dunno why, but sometimes it takes almost a minute to exit Blazer.
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    I have found that the speed of exiting Blazer seems to be related to the size of the cache. I now have only a 150k cache and Blazer exits pretty quicly compared to when I had a large cache.
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    I think the exit delay related to Blazer is indeed the cache.
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    Gfunkmagic is right.
    Just got a Zire 71 for my wife.
    Processor speed is indeed excellent.
    A Treo operating at that speed would be plenty fast.

    Now, if only we could get the same 320 resolution on the Treo 600.

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