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    I've gone to several different sites trying to purchase Ringo but they all end up saying you cannot buy it at this time.
    It has been this way for about 2 weeks.
    Is there anywhere you can buy this right now?

    Treo 300 with Sprint
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    get me on AIM: IcYPLaYa21
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    I bought Ringo from, but I'm trying to get a refund. It doesn't really work for the Treo 300, because you aren't allowed to assign personal rings to your speed dial list or other, only to your main rings. It's a rip off to have access to "hundreds of ringtones" and only be able to use 3 of them. I'm investigating TC Ringer as another option. They also offer polyphonic tunes, which Ringo doesn't.
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    Does ringo work yet? i bought it six months ago and got a refund because it kept crashing my treo.
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    I am using Ringo with polyphonic tones and have been able to assign them to individual callers.

    I found that by readding them over and over within Ringo they began to replace the 24 default tones, so that I could edit them from the speed dial page.

    It looks like TC Ringer is back up after a hiatus of some time. What was that all about?

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