I had a 270 but sold it because T-Mobile's coverage was poor at home and work. I'm very happy with my 300. I used WeSync with the 270 for a number of months with no problem, however I have not been able to get it to work with the 300. I need to be able to sync calendar and contacts with the WeSync server.

In WeSync, when I try to "synchronize with the server" it says "Failed to create empty document" and aborts. The same when I try to start the desktop viewer. I think the problem is with the 300 but it could be something with my OS (XP-PRO). I also get an error message of "Abnormal program termination."

Is there anyone out there with a 300 who is succesfully using these WeSync functions? The system I sync with at work is also running XP-PRO, however it isn't connected to a handheld.