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    This past week, I've noticed a problem when I attempt to retrieve my e-mail remotely using BC. My phone will begin the sync, and continue it for up to 10 minutes or so, before quitting because the connection has timed out. I also often lose my signal when the "Service Connection" screen comes on, and find that I get 2 or 3 "x1102" error meassages before I even get to that point. Any thoughts as to whether this is a phone issue or a BC issue would be appreciated -- I have installed TreoUpdater 1.0, but not 1.0.1, if that makes any difference. Thanks.
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    Hmm ... sounds like part of the problem is your data connection is logging off because you're not using it very frequently. Then when BC tries to sync, the data connection cannot make the handshake fast enough. What sync settings do you have for BC? I've found that every 30 minutes is best. It keeps the data connection active. I had it set for every hour, but lately Sprint seems like it's getting stingy and logs me off. Could be regional load issue too.

    In the beginning (fall 2002), Sprint wanted to charge per kb for data but basically couldn't figure out how to do it. Nonetheless, they did put timers on our data connection. Most users agreed that it was somewhere between 1-2 hours of inactivity.
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    Thanks for the suggestion -- I normally keep the sync at every 2 hours when I'm near a computer, but I'll try resetting to sync more frequently.

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