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    I haven't used a Treo yet. I've got a Kyo 6035 but I have been greatly anticipating the release of the 600. Since a few people have stated that their beta units have not improved on the visibility in direct sunlight I have a question. The screen turns black when outside, how is it when you shade it with your other hand? Is it possible to use a shade of some sort while outside to make it usable? Or are their screens COMPLETELY unusable outside. I will only be using it outside on occasion and wouldn''t mind th inconvenience of shading the phone to use it. Also how is it in a car during daylight?
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    I use my Treo 300 outside and in the car all the time. I do have to provide shade for the screen, and even then the screen does not appear too bright. But it is usable outdoors in the shade.
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    I think the key words here will be "in the shade". My 270 is bearable in the shade, but only because like you, petway56, I only use it occassionally outdoors. As other threads have stated, for those people that spend most of their day outdoors, the Treo will drive you NUTS! (I'm anxious to see a production 600 in the sunshine...)

    As for car usage, I'm sitting in my truck right now as I reply to you. Works fine.
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    I swung by Handspring's Silicon Valley headquarters today. An employee handed me his to look at the screen.

    It is much, much brighter than the screen on my 300. Its very usable in the sun. The 300's screen is way too dim in the sun.

    If the angle is just right (wrong) and the sun reflects directly on the screen, no you can't read the 600's screen. Like a mirror. But this is fixed by simply adjusting the angle that you hold it slightly.

    I went directly to AT&T to look at at Tungston C. The Tungston's screen is quite a bit sharper, but no brighter, than the 600's, in my estimation.
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    thank you stickman for giving us that on hands feed back. i hope your right. handspring claims it's much better in the sun but some of the feed back from others has not been positive on this issue. i had the the tungsten w which was ok in the sun. were you able to compare the two in the sun. if so was the treo equal or better.
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    I tried, I tried.
    With the mental image fresh in my mind, I went to three AT&T retail outlets. Only one carried the Tungsten, and it only had a demo unit that was locked to a display.
    So, no I didn't get the Tungsten outside. I compared the 600 in the shade with the Tungsten indoors so it would be apples to apples.
    At any rate, the 600 is one hell of alot better than the 300 in the August California sun.
    Maybe it won't be good enough for some (its really a matter of subjective preference) but I'll have no problem using it outside.

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