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    Good day, i just hung up with eric of cepstral, a text to seppech company, they have informed me that they will be woring on a release of their program for text 2 speech for the palm os platform.

    They have had a number of requests and it is on their to do list. They have a number of small projects ahead of this, but they will be working on it shortly. They agreeed upon me contacting them toward the end of the year for a release date.

    To refresh everone, i am disabled and since i have a great deal fo trouble holding a book or looking down at a book, most of my reading is thru talking books thru the library of congress national reading service or books on tape.

    However the program developed by cepstral will easily fit on a cf with room for over a hundred ebooks on a single cf card.

    Unlike talking books as mp3's this would take up a fraction of the space. Since there are thousands upon thousands of ebook files. The sky is the limit as 2 availability.

    This would b a boon to travelers, after all should u go on a long trip, mp3 books would take up a great deal of spaceon each cf, card, which in tern could be very costly.

    This would allow us to use the treo 600, 4 use as a talking book player, not just usable for leasuire reading, but one would be able to listen to work related reports etc, in situations where reading them would be unworkable such as in the car etc.

    I will be contacting them later in the year 4 an update and will keep this bb udated. Thank you for all of ur support and leads, take care, jay m. Silverman, 08/27/2003

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    cool! thanks for the info ilovedessert!
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    Thanks 4 removing caps, my server only allows sign in's with caps only. I often forget they r stil on! thanks. take care.

    PS: BTW anyone who is interested in text 2 speech 4 palm os platform, please let me know here or at, so i can tell the firm, a rough number of people who r interested in this software. thanks and take care, Jay
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    Sounds like a potentially great app! I would definitely be interested, if the price is reasonable...once I've got a 600 in my hot little hands!

    Maybe as the release date draws near, we can vote on whose voice should be emulated by the synthesizer. Do we want the voicemail lady, or Rod Serling, or Zha Zha? Or maybe someone a little more contemporary? Any suggestions?
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    hi, go to, u will hear there are a number of voice choices on the site. The talking book library division of the national library service of the library of congress uses, over dumbing actors for reading the books. usually one actor does one authur etc. take care, jay
    ps using someone's famous voice would more than likely make it far more expensive to buy!
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    Thanks for the info, ilovedessert! I am definitely interested in the Text 2 Speech software for the Palm OS. I checked out the website and the voices sound really good.

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    what is so cool about it, is think of th efollowing, you have a ton of reading to do fro work one dull report after another. you are ona crowed subway and vila now u can listen istead of playing oragami with thwe reporting trying to read it while u try to stand up on the crowded train, etc. take care, jay
    ps the voices r pretty good arn't they?

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