View Poll Results: Where will you buy your Treo 600?

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  • Through an upgrade program with Sprint?

    12 37.50%
  • Through Sprint?

    4 12.50%
  • Through Handsrping?

    9 28.13%
  • off the back of a truck?

    7 21.88%
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    This is what I want. A Treo 600 before anyone has one. I am tired of waiting (and tired of running out of battery power on my Treo 300)

    I searched Ebay. I hacked Google. I find nothing but fud. (fear, uncertainty and doubt)

    Does anyone reading this have any clue about how you and I can be the first ones on the block to get one? Give us a date to pin our faith on. Share some back door to sprint - or some rogue sprint sales rep's name eager to make a few bucks on the side - anything...

    Cost is not an object. The Treo 600 is.

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    Part of having the nickname 'Inspector Gadget' is alway having the latest toys before anyone else! I got my Treo 270 and had GPRS working six months before T-Mobile supported it! When T-Mobile techs told me the Treo couldn't do GPRS, I laughed and showed them my Treo running Jack Sprat/Flash and GPRS 1.1!

    Handspring folks, we know you read this board... how about offering the 600 to Treo Central readers early and at a big discount. Afterall, it is these people who will go out and show the world how cool the Treo 600 is, right?

    Btw, this post is being composed at a Starbucks in DC on my new Treo 270 with GPRS 1.1.1, the T-Mobile just sent me, as my old Treo started having flip-lid speaker troubles. So far, it is great!

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