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    Anyone ever use their Treo 300 for long hours talk? Well...This is my second Treo replacement. I had problems with my first treo because it used to miss phone calls at random and would direct them to voicemail. I thought that happend due to my long hours use of the phone (3-4 hours of continous voice use nightly), so I had it tested at sprint store, and it tested bad. Now I'm gong through the samething on my replacement treo...What the hell is this! I use my treo about 1-2 hours everyday...sometimes 2-3 hours of continous talk, and the back of the phone gets really warm...can this be the cause of me missing phone calls? This problem did not happend when I got my replacement, and the phone has been good for 4 months now since I replaced it. This is pissing me off...I'm about to change the treo because I can't afford to miss important phone calls.
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    Is the back getting warm while you are using it or while it is in your pocket?
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    while using.
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    my phone gets warm during use also. It's kinda scary
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    It's normal; I wouldn't worry about it; it probably has nothing to do with missing calls (are you sure data use isn't the cause of this?).
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    I haven't used data in ages.
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    Are there any apps that might dial the connection?
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    No, Why would any apps after 4 months of reliability all the sudden cause this?
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    I had an 8 hour conversation once, the phone was hardly warm. Certainly not hot. This was with my 2nd Treo. They have all (4 of them) behaved the same. When talking for extended periods they only get hot when left in a pocket where it's to insulated. Out in the open it does fine.

    Incidentally I have also seen the missed calls, and no ringing every now and then with 3 different Treo's. I think it's a combination of a badly programmed phone on handsprings end, and sprints world renound PCS service
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    I was sitting in a meeting yesterday with my Treo on the table in front of me. The phone "ping-ed," telling me I had a message. I called and listened to the message...from a missed call one minute previous (at 2:09...not during a Snappermail fetch). How can the signal telling me I have a message get through to the phone when the signal for the call itself apparently can't?

    Or was the phone telling me that having my phone ring during a meeting is simply not good manners?
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    It may just be a carrier issue. If the cell is full, presumably calls will go directly to voice mail.
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    how strong is your signal when you're on the phone? if i have full bars, my phone hardly gets warm. If I have zero or one bar, the phone gets warm much quicker...and I get shorter battery life.

    Also, if i know i'm going to be on the phone for a while, i use the headset. Helps keep my phone a bit cooler.
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    8 hours of talk time? I'm running my battery low on just one hour of talk time

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