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    I was wondering how others on this forum use their address book to save contact info for couples/families.
    So to save John and Jane Doe I tyrpically specify them as
    Last Name: Doe
    First Name: John & Jane
    Home : xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx (John)
    Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx (Jane)
    Email: (John) (Jane)
    Work: xxx-xxx-xxxx (John)
    xxx-xxx-xxxx (Jane)

    As you can see, this is quite cumbersome. If I want to call Jane on her work phone, the treo search facility doesnt pick up Jane specified in the First Name field. I have to search using John and then get to Jane's number by clicking on the record. Not very intutive.

    So is there any other address book which I can use that will solve this problem for me? I do want it bound to the phone section of treo so that entering the first few characters pulls up matching records from the address book.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I would unfortunately recommend duplicating the entries (complete one, then use the duplicate function) and editing as appropriate (change first name, edit phone numbers). One other thing I do which is an old 'artifact' from Palm III/Visor is to use one of the 4 Custom fields which I renamed/assigned Spouse/SO. I do drop the name here as well as a quick available reminder.
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    I also just make separate entries for John and Jane - - my non-complicated solution.
    I do though, notice that my creation of two entries typically follows a pattern of:
    1. Enter contact info for the both of em, typically a home phone number and address. Maybe e-mail for one of them.
    2. Enter a cell phone for one of them.
    3. Realize that I need to have more individualized info for the hub and wife.
    4. Then do a dupe (Menu-T) and modify as mentioned above.

    So there's probably a need for some larger solution...
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    the other advantage of having both folks in your address book is that the caller I D will work properly vs. the original posters solution where it would most likely not work

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