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    Has anyone experienced issues with the Desktop software for Sprint PCS Business Connect?
    - I have it running on my work PC (running XP). I dont do any syncing of emails during the day when I am at work. But during evenings and during weekends I use it (or try to use it when it works). Initially it works fine; but overnight it starts consuming too many resources and bring the PC down to its knees. By morning my PC is pretty much useless and when I come into work I have to reboot. I have seen System Seven dll error messages as well.
    - Also sometimes it looses connectivity (the tray icon turns red).
    - Another irritation is it prompting me if I want to connect when it starts up. If I am not in front of the desktop, it will never connect if the PC is powercycled for any reason.

    I believe this software is from Pretty disappointing I should say.

    I used to have a blackberry and the sync software is still running on the PC. I never ever had issues with this software; I have to leave it running currently since business connect is so unreliable. Do you think Business connect has issues since there is another sync software running alongside it? Blackberry software doesnt seem to mind business connect running alongside it though.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I booted BizConn for these exact reasons, went to TreoMail, and have never looked back. The PC app is MUCH more stable, the Palm app is much more elegant from a UI perspective. You do lose instant alert of new messages, and file access, but the goodness overall of TreoMail FAR outweighed, in my opinion, any small loss of functionality (if the app never worked, what good is some possible function?).
    Go TreoMail - much better for core e-mail. Works in the background - really nice.
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    The reason I use Biz Conn for my needs, is that it is the only solution I know of that allows me to read my work email (Exchange/Outlook) on my Treo. I have to:

    1) Run VPN software to get through the corporate firewall.
    2) Open Outlook on my home PC
    3) Fire up the Biz Conn client software

    If any one of these fails, I don't have remote access to Exchange.

    Does any other solution address access to work Outlook? Does TreoMail?

    Bill Petro
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    I've been using BC from the beginning, and it works fine. There were a few glitches early on, but Seven/Sprint worked them out. I'm not an IT guy, but it sounds like you're having a network problem on your end, especially given your performance and connectivity issues. If you haven't already done it, I'd maybe uninstall everything and reinstall.

    I guess the only specific thing I can add here is how to bypass the start-up question. Someone passed this tip along way back when: Go to Start>Programs>Startup folder and right click on the BC shortcut. Select Properties, and in the "Start In" field you'll see at the end "- start-up" or something similar. Delete that, and you're done. BC will start without intervention. I've noticed you have to do that whenever you upgrade the desktop version of BC.

    Good luck.
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    yes, treo mail works in much the same fashion as BizConn - there's a PC app that redirects your mail to their servers, and then the app on your Trep goes and gets the mail.
    I can't speak for your firewall and other stuff, but in general, TreoMail is configured just like Business Connection. Except that it's very stable and never fails me, like BC did quite often.
    Go and get it at - you can run a free trial for 30 days - see what you think...
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    Our Administrator uses Business Connect and ever since his mailbox access time is slowed considerably. This is when he is in the office, on our lan, P4- 2.4, 512 ram, XP, Outlook 2002, 100mpbs connection.

    Whenever he tries to open a new message, he gets a "requesting data from exchange server" message. This delay can last for up to 30 seconds. He is the only user having this problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    He is using the latest version of Business Connect.
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    Bill Petro--

    There are several Treo email clients that can pull IMAP email directly from an Exchange server. Versamail is one of the better ones. The problem is the VPN. There are VPN clients for the Treo, but as I understand it, handheld devices on the Sprint network can't establish "true" VPN connections due to the data compression scheme Sprint uses. So if your IT dept. has decided (as mine has) that outside access to Exchange will only be allowed via VPN, a direct-access solution won't work.

    If your home PC is receiving email from your Exchange server over a broadband internet/VPN connection, I would think it would be possible for that same PC to relay the mail to a regular Treo email client, without using BizConn. I'm in a similar situation and I've been thinking about this. Once the mail is on your home PC, outside the corporate firewall, you should be able to send it to the Treo in any format you want.

    Or am I misunderstanding your setup?

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