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    For you registered users, check your download area.

    From this post

    Here's the full revision history:

    Version 1.8.0
    2003.08.26 PUBLIC RELEASE
    * Messages from respective accounts can be downloaded into separate
    * Speed improvements for the message reader.
    * Accounts sorted alphabetically and downloaded in selected alphabetical
    * User-created folders sorted alphabetically.
    * Improved support for HTML with extended Latin characters (e.g.
    * Improved support for sending messages in foreign character sets.
    * Improved SMTP-AUTH support for non-compliant SMTP servers.
    * Jog Dial support extended to Fetch One Account and Edit Accounts
    * Messages deleted off server sometimes get downloaded again.
    * Message-rfc822 attachments not displayed in the body of the message.
    * Dialing phone numbers with dashes do not dial on Samsung SPH-i500.
    * URLs inside pointed brackets are not detected.
    * Line breaks in Base64 encoded text messages rendered as blocks.
    * Default message size set to 4k.
    * Clipper and Tungsten C Web Pro browsers added to the web browser list.
    * Connection log is no longer displayed after hitting Cancel during
    * LXbrowser recompiled into to FileBrowser with provision for
    * Dialing a phone number now asks for confirmation.
    * [Space] now opens messages in the msg list view on keyboard devices.
    * [Space] now closes messages in the msg reader on keyboard devices.
    * Minor UI dialog tweaks.
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    Yeehaw! This looks great!
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    This looks to be a pretty substantial incremental update. I'm going to download now.

    It also looks like they've updated the manual.

  4.    #4 is now out.

    fixes one fetch on some devices.
    fixes scrolling on some Tungsten devices.
    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.

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