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    From about 2:55 until 9:25, my Treo 270 has been checking for mail every 15 minutes (thank you T-Mobile unlimited data plan). Every time, I get the message that the Treo mail servers are "temporarily" unavailable (I'm using the corporate edition with the desktop program running). Anyone else have this experience? Anyone else have experience complaining to Handspring about this -- it strikes me as an unacceptable level of performance for a product intended for business professionals(this is not the first time I've had no service for extended periods).
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    Well, I use TM via Sprint's network, and I've had no noticable issues lately. No issues with the TreoMail servers, nor any problems, connectivity-wise, with Sprint's network.
    So - who knows?
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    I live with no service. My Treo 180 is basically no more then a neat looking Visor Deluxe that I had. Glad I waited and got my Treo for $99 with the special or I would be really upset. Only 4 more months with T-mobile contract and then I hopefully get something else, or at least try something else. I drop probably every other to every third call I make. Can have full signal strength walk 2 steps and drop a call. As for surfing the web, forget it I lose signal to often to bother with it anymore. I cancelled that service after the 120day period I had to sign up for to get the $99 special.

    At my work I pickup a signal 2 cubes down from mine. When I called T-mobile they asked if I could move cubes. I asked if they could more their towers.

    My wife's Moto V70 does the same thing so I'm fairly sure it's not my Treo but rather the service. But who knows, the more I read the more I find people that have had 10 to 20 different Treo's in one year.

    You would think that if they could put a camera in a phone, let it record video, etc... then the reception would be good. Guess all cell companies got rid of the antenna people or have them working on something else.
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    This happens a lot, and I have been told that it is generally not a Treo Mail Server problem, but a TM problem. I can sometimes fix this by signing off the network, and then signing back on.
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    My experience is the same with MarkSpector. To cure the issue, disconnect and reconnect.

    Another finding I have is that if travel from one area to another, GPRS connection does not seem to have smooth transition between one cell site to another hence your Treo Mail application thinks the mail server is down although it actually lost connection even though your GPRS indicator (the inverted dark triangle on top of your phone signal indicator) says you are connected.

    I live in LA, you would think that a densely populated area would have good coverage, but with TMo it seems they don't really have sufficient coverage.

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