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    Does anyone know where/if I can buy parts for my treo?
    The flip lid broke at the hinge due to excess of use and because the spring that makes the lid stay closed is too strong for the thin lid sides.

    Unfortunately, the manufacturer's warranty on my T300 expired a few weeks ago and sprint does not offer any repair service other than the equipment replacement program. The only problem with that is that they do not guarrantee they'll replace your treo with a treo. (needless to say that stinks)

    For now I was able to take it apart and disconect the broken lid from the phone, (it is connected through the cable that connects the main unit with the speaker on the lid), glue the hinge back on it, let it dry and put the lid back on but I am affraid, it will break again due to the strong spring issue.

    Anyway, if someone knows where I can buy parts I would greatly appreciate it.
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    You're a lot more patient than me. I couldn't stand using a phone glued together that I paid $499 for, out of warranty or not.

    I bet once the mold was cast and they pressed out the ordered number the line was then retooled to manufacture the next gadget.
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    I've collected a few spare bits to keep mine going as I've already needed to change the flip once - post warranty. This phone is like an foreign sports car just out of warranty, it takes a lot of maintainence. Not what you expect for a $500 phone but let's hope they apply lessons learned on the Treo 600.

    It's not easy to come by spare parts, but I did manage to get a spare flip from the GSM version 270, it is mint, never used. The only difference from the T300 is paint color and no Sprint logo. Speaker wire is the same. If your interested LMK.

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    Agreed. No one expects to be gluing their equipment, regardless of the price. However, I think "fixing it yourself" beats waiting for the Sprint operators to take an hour asking ridiculous questions and reading their completely unrelated scripted answers to finally reach the conclusion that they can only replace your phone with a Samsung SPH-i330 and that it will take 10 to 12 business days.

    Anyway I do hope Handspring learned the lesson about the weak flip lid material/structure. I sure learned mine about buying extended manufacturer's warranty if I'm already expending as much on a device that I use as frequently.

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