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    Just got a replacement 270 under warranty and I find that "at times" when I tap the options available on the screen in whatever aplication I am in, it will not respond/connect. Sometimes If I press real hard with my finger on the screen that will conntact. Then if I go out of the screen I am in to another application , that sometimes fixes the problem. Has anyone had similiar problem and know a fix ?
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    Recalibrate your screen (Prefs/Digitizer) and if that doesn't work, loosen (by 1 full turn), all four screws on the back of your Treo.

    Sometimes the screws are tightened too much and this causes extra pressure on the screen...
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    Many thanks, I will give the screws a turn and see if that fixes it, as i had tried the other method but it only worked for a while each time and than the problem would happen again.
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    Check out this thread for other recommendations:


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