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    Don't know about where you are but the Sprint stores here in CT and MA do not answer calls 99% of the time in my experience. The store local to me is Orange CT. I've called them all hours of the day and in a year and a half have never gotten a live person to answer. On my way home from VT yesterday 6:00 pm I tried to call the store in W. Springfield MA for an hour and only got the voicemail. When I arrived at the store I complained and they said when they are busy they do not answer calls. The store was pretty empty when I arrived. There were 5 employees and 3 customers in the store. Maybe they were busy earlier but I doubt it. It turned out they didn't have what I need so I asked them to call the stores in CT for me so I can go there tomorrow. They tried 4 stores in CT but could not get them to answer either.

    It must be a policy of some Sprint stores to not answer calls. What a pathetic way to do business! What is your experience with that?
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    That is how it is in many (not all) of the Sprint Stores in NYC too.

    Get Real. Sprint PCS is lucky to still be in business given the current economic environment.
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    I've never had any problems.
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    same in Austin, Texas (at least the round rock store)
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    Isn't that funny? Obviously there's something that causes this to be common - something about the way they are being trained or their corporate culture. I thought I had a "dud" of a store in Topeka, KS. I tried for several days at all different times to call them, and never got an answer (except for voicemail). I did visit their store on one occasion and it was *extremely* crowded - I doubt that's always the case, though.
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    I know that in Jacksonville ALL three stores are always busy. Now, I do work in retail, and we always try to answer the phones, but if the customer in front of me has money and is asking questions why would I answer the phone and put the "live" customer in the store on hold? Just a thought.
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    they never answer the phone either..they used too, a year ago, but now it's voice recording hell.

    point is, sprint wants everyone online and dialing *2 for support.

    Stores a big money pit for them, provided for minimal cust. support and phone maintenance.
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    Dr Doom makes a good point about prioritizing live customers in the store over phone calls, and mikec is correct that Sprint pushes people to use *2 and the web site over store visits. The way Sprint implements these policies, however, probably lowers rather than raises revenues.

    mikec: Sprint is still dependant on stores more than any other carrier. Case in point: My Treo 300 recently developed what I feel was a warranty defect. Unlike other carriers, *2 canít do anything for me, no replacement by mail option, I would have to bring the phone into a store for inspection. Here in the NYC area, stores seem to have perpetual 2-hour lines. Even worse, since they donít answer their phones, I have no way of knowing if they even have replacements in stock, and I wasnít going to drive to the store, wait forever and then find out they had no phone to give me. A similar thing occurred when I ordered my first Treo, which came defective. It was easier to return the phone and order a new one 2 weeks later than it was to deal with the Sprint store.

    Dr Doom: While it usually makes business sense to deal with the customer in front of you, many of the people waiting in line at Sprint stores are not, how shall I put this, ďhigh revenueĒ customers. From the couple of times Iíve walked in (and quickly walked out), most of the conversations revolved around poor credit histories, excuses for nonpayment, misunderstanding of basic contract terms, etc. No doubt part of the reason for this is that people with increased job responsibilities simply donít have 2 hours to waste in a phone store. Iím certainly not suggesting that people who can afford less deserve poor customer service, they surely deserve more than Sprint is giving them, but it probably does Sprintís revenues no good if they frustrate a customer like me (expensive phone and plan, perfect payment history, good credit) in order to explain to somebody why service gets cut off for nonpayment.

    So what did I do? I have the insurance, and because I can afford it and my time is valuable to me, I spent the $35 to have a replacement phone sent by mail. But with number portability and a new generation of smartphones including the Treo 600 hitting this fall, you can be sure that Iíll consider all my options, and Sprintís pretty far down the list. Since I think their basic technology is great (especially Vision), itís just the poor service that put them there.
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    i agree with doom too. phone calls only get priority when there's no customer's needing any help in the store. and have you ever been to a sprint store? 80% of the people working there....they taking care of the customers that's paying their bill. the other 20% is selling stuff. and there's always a line. you're mad cause you cant get thru to a phone call? think about the people waiting in the store.....there's a good wait time. but then again....that's just the stores i been to.............
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    Funny policy of making poor credit people come in once a month to pay their bill. Do these same people make once a month pilgrimages to the cable office, electric company, water company, trash company, gas company, sewer company, etc?

    I had a reverse experience in Tinkertronics in Austin, TX. I was next in line and the associate (on the phone) was ignoring me, so I picked up a business card, called, and the associate answered. I said "yea, I'm about 18 inches in front of you, what do I have to do to get some service in this beeotch"

    And I've had friends who answer phones (as customers) at Best Buy and tell the caller that sorry, no one is able to take their call.

    And finally, I answer the phone at work in the morning before anyone else gets there. The phone rings constantly from entities looking for employees. Sometimes I count the rings and don't answer before 8 rings as that's generally when the automated computers calling hang up.
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    I'm in Central FL & so far have only called my Sprint store twice (pre customer at the time - I had guestions before I decided to go with them) both times the answered right away. I was with Cingular for 4 yrs before switching and that local store NEVER answered their phones!
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    The fact is you do not know whether a customer in the store or a customer on the phone is going to bring in revenue or not. Any business that wants to survive in the long run have to answer calls and take care of customers and not ignore them and dump them to voice mail or transfer them to "Claire" or some CSR's fresh off the street with next to no training.

    Over a 3 day period I was trying to find a Sprint store within a 100 mile radius that had a Treo 300 in stock but that turned out to be an impossible task. None of the stores could be reached by phone. I have left messages at Sprint stores before and never got a call back so I gave up on that idea also. What surprises me is that one Sprint store cannot reach another Sprint store by phone either! Now that is totally mind boggling!
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    we can complain all we like, but the fact is that Sprint knows all these things and is content the way it is. Max $ at min. expense.

    they do not excellent service, just barely good enough so you don't switch. (but they are all like that).
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    Actually, to greater or lesser degree, every telecom I have done business with is customer service challenged. As an IT person, I have the ďprivilegeĒ to work with most of the major companies in the US and UK and whether it is wireless, internet connectivity, or POTS, it takes forever for them to respond and a high percentage of the time the response is useless. I have even stopped complaining about the difficulty of getting to a live person, as way to many times the live person has no clue anyway. It appears that the industry as a whole is in a bad way, and it shows.

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