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    I am so bummed!!!! My lid cracked off at the base on the right side. I didn't even do anything -- just opened it and it cracked off. I've had my Treo since before I could even activate it -- what has it been, August of last year. Man ... I don't think I can fix it either. It's not a clean break.

    So when is this 600 coming out again?
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    Did you get this resolved?

    Refer to my thread SPARE PARTS FOR T3OO?

    Good Luck
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    I had this happen to *2* of my devices.....
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    Take it to a Sprint store. Its a known issue. They all break on the right side. Took mine in last week same thing. They replaced it no problems. Mine had been dropped a couple of times along time ago which was obvious from the scratches. Still no problem. Mine broke when I lifted the lid to answer the phone.

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