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    Fatal errors started again last night for no real reason. I deleted and reinstalled everything BC, but still happening.

    A couple weeks ago this happened to many of us BC users, and the consensus seemed to be that Sprint was messing with something again (perhaps related to Treo 600). Anyone getting unexplicable "DataMgr.c" errors at the end of an automatic sync?
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    I'm in Northern California (San Francisco), and have not seen this at all. Are you still experiencing it today?
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    I'm in NorCal and have been seeing this problem ever since I applied the v1.0.1 update. I know you will all say "why the hell did you do that?", but I was having other fatal exceptions that I thought the update would fix.

    I get the fatal exception when I manually download email as well as sometimes when I hotsych. Interestingly, the crash seems to happen after all the mail is downloaded! I wonder if has something to do with a completion message that BizConnect sends to the Treo or something.

    They other time I seem to be getting a lot of fatal exceptions is when I use VeriChat v1.82 (one of the reasons I did the update). When I am in phone mode, and thus getting IMs through SMS, the Treo crashes when I switch to chat mode.

    I am running with three hacks -- CorrectHack, Slow Launch and KeyCapsHack -- all with xMaster. The fatal exceptions happen both when the hacks are enabled and disabled.

    Please let me know if anyone has suggestions.

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    I have not been getting that error, not until this morning. Now I am with every e-mail. Sigh...

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