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    Well, at least they are trying. I found this during my daily (maybe thrice daily) search for 600 news. I'm pathetic. At any rate, looks like they may be putting some real effort behind the 600. The video and voice stuff that is left untapped right now is an example.


    Handspring and their Treo 600
    Of course, Handspring was invited onstage, as Palm was in the process of buying out the company; the idea was to leverage Handspring's focus on Smartphones. Handspring has been busy developing carrier relationships; they are aggressively working, in particular, with Sprint in the US and Orange in Europe. They acknowledged that they needed to more aggressively pursue relationships, and intend to release a GSM-enabled Treo in addition to the Sprint CDMA version, and sell it through AT&T, T-Mobile and Cingular.
    Figure 2: Handspring showing off their Treo 600.

    They attempted to demo some of the key features with their Treo 600 in an enterprise environment -- in particular, they had a PowerPoint solution on the unit -- but, being prerelease, it crashed. They are also looking at the device management problem, and Orange in particular is building an OTA (Over-The-Air) backup tool.
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    Originally posted by fmertz
    Well, at least they are trying. I found this during my daily (maybe thrice daily) search for 600 news. I'm pathetic. At any rate, looks like they may be putting some real effort behind the 600. The video and voice stuff that is left untapped right now is an example.

    I have just a general question. How much enterprise market saturation did any of the Treo models receive? I haven't seen them around or heard of any wide-spread adoption by Fortune 500 companies. It seems to me that the Treo's real consumer base is high end individuals (ie geeks like myself). If this is the case, why is HS still gearing everything toward enterprise (other than hoping to tap into those big bank rolls)?
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    They just announced this deal:

    There are not enough geeks to make it worth it today, so they need to go after other high end users, e.g., enterprise deals. Someday when they jump the chasm and can do a "Zire" like converged device, then they could go after the mass market. This seems like the right business approach - it all depends on their execution.
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    Fully integrating Treos into middleware solutions in the Enterprise may be stretching things a bit, but the new GoodLink 2.0 server supports the Treo 600 for use in Mid to Large sized companies where MS Exchange Email, Calendar, To-Do and Notes are the apps of interest to office professionals and remote road warriors with PDAs.

    We've deployed it on our Hosted Exchange solution wirelessly sync'ing RIM devices and will add Treo 600 support for our customers as soon as it ships.

    Sounds boring, but e-mail IS still the killer app in most offices. Being able to sync calendars wirelessly is close behind for PDA users.

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    There is a news article on seven's web site (also makes enterprise software that connects your pda to exchange) that says their email client will be included as the default email client on all treo 600s sold by sprint:
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    I agree that email is the current 'killer' smartphone app. Does anyone know if the Treo 600 will include Blackberry Connect? A deal between PalmSource and RIM was announced back in May but I've seen no products released. The Handspring (soon to be PalmOne, I guess) announcements with Goode and Seven are great but Blackberry owns a significant part of the corporate market (including my firm). If PalmOne wants to get into the business world, leveraging Blackberry's penetration would be a big first step. I've been holding out with my Treo 180, hoping that Blackberry Connect would actually make it to market (on the 600) before I'm 'forced' to get a BB 7230.
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    "With GoodLink 2.1 on the Treo 600, .... carry one device for wireless email, access to enterprise systems, voice and Web," ... "...past experience deploying GoodLink suggests that rolling out this system on the new Treo 600 will be fast and easy since there are no cradles and desktop software to install and support.
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    I'm specifically interested in Enterprise healthcare implementations using the Treo 300 and looking forward to speaking with the reps of Good, Visto and Seven this afternoon at Mission Possible.

    This is the link to the news release about the lawsuit. From what I read at their web site, Visto worked with HS to develop and support TreoMail which is what I've been using.

    I have many questions about their plans for supporting healthcare systems, particular the issues of security and HIPAA. I'm beginning to see the competition developing among these three.

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    And what's interesting about that spat btw Visto, Infowave and Seven is that I've tried the apps from Infowave (blah), Visto (also blah, even though they wrote the core software for TreoMail, Visto's own product is nowhere near as good as TreoMail, which was optimized by handspring), and they do all seem similar in overall concepts. I guess, though, there are minor unique differences that they would all claim to differentiate from one another.
    My hope is that the new version of Sprint's BC for the 600 from Seven, which <should> have attachment support, is at least as good as TreoMail in terms of UI and background connectivity, etc. I guess we'll see before too much longer...

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