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    Talked to someone, told them that I could view SMS messages with my Kyocera, he went back and forth for a while saying there were alternatives, but then they gave me a $20 credit instead. SWEEET. Helped that I had a Palm phone that was able to view SMS messages before.
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    Yes, Sprint has been refunding Treo 300 users for Treo300SMS for quite some time....
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    What do i say to them when I call? I like TreoSMS, but I surely don't want to pay for it and was quite surprised that I needed it to send messages after I got my treo, but i'm not usre how to ask for them to credit me for it?
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    All I said was the manual says I can recieve messages but when I get them it gives me a url and when I try to go there it gives me an error message. Then I said I had a Kyocera that worked fine. I just played dumb and kept saying well I heard there was a tool that can make it work, but I don't want to pay for it. Can I get a credit. Then he put me on hold and I got it. You'll need to talk to tech support not customer service.

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