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    I'd imagine SPCS is who I'd speak to in the event my 300 starts acting up, but I'm not sure. I know a lot of you have been issued replacements (I had 3 I300s and 2 I330s) so could you please instruct me on how to go about reporting problems? Is my understanding correct that if purchased from SPCS contact SPCS and vice versa? Thanks in advance.

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    Your Treo is covered by a 1-year warranty. The Sprint Store will replace your Treo with another one if it is acting up. If you have problems getting a replacement at one store, try another.
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    I onl ask as because it seems that HS is a bit easier to deal with...the folks at SPCS could never understand why I'd need replacements for my 300/330s....trying to avoid dealing with them if possible. Let's hope I don't need a new one!
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    I am on my third Treo 300 and have dealt with SPCS for all but the original purchase. I have never had a problem getting a new phone.

    I took it to the local (not very local for me) Sprint Store and they had a new phone in my hands by mid-morning the next day. They always say two days to cover their butts, just in case, but for me its been the next day. And they let me keep my old phone and sent an RMA to send it back once I received my new Treo. I also got a few days of credit, too.

    I think the trick is to be polite and treat them with a little respect and you can basically get what you need ... I think I was the only one not yelling or huffing at them.

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