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    Just bought on eBay a Treo 180.
    Seler represented it as unlocked, without SIM card. Wrong.

    It has a Voicestream kit and a Voicestream SIM.

    I need to unlock this, or (PITA) send it back and demand a refund.

    The TigerDirect unlock web page
    cannot derive an unlock code from the IMEI code.

    Anyone have any suggestions, so I can avoid returning it?

    If I don't return it, I have to buy a Voicestream plan, which is unacceptable, as we bought this only for travel outside the US, and must have a celphone in hand by departure day, 26 Aug (a week from tomorrow).

    Thank you kindly.
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    hi John,

    I remember a post whereby someone had a similar problem. They solved it by using a different SIM (Cingular) when they performed the unlock procedure. After that, both SIMs worked fine.
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    The workaround with another SIM card *requires* that you have the unlock code on hand to do it.

    I do not yet have the unlock code, and therefore the workaround is irrelevant.
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    Sorry John. Didn't see that part...

    Are you absolutely sure that this is a 'TigerDirect' Treo ?

    If you are sure it is a Tiger Treo, I suggest you take their advice...

    If you encounter any problems while attempting to complete these instructions, you may contact Handspring for toll-free assistance to complete the operation at 1-888-565-9393.

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    A few months ago I bought a 180 from an Ebay seller named "Tessie's Toys" and had trouble with the unlock procedure and the phone could not locate my network (AT&T). I called the Handspring rep and they walked me through the radio reset procedure which also did not work so Handspring did a new replacement that arrived within 5 days. The replacement which was also new worked fine.

    Hope this helps.

    Think First, ask questions later!

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