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    Okay, so the Treo 300's manual suggests recharging the unit's battery on a daily basis. I do this pretty much religiously, since I like to head to the office with a full battery everyday. That said, I usually have about 1/2 of a charge remaining at the end of each day when I synch and recharge.

    Is the Treo's internal battery prone to overcharging, and can I expect the battery to die within a year or so from such frequent charges, or does it have some kind of built-in circuitry to prevent such overcharging?

    Thanks in advance, all!
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    Supposedly it has built-in overcharge protection. I used to let mine sit in my cradle charger all day at work, as I've read somewhere in the manual that it is a good thing to "top off" the battery. However, I'm a year into my 270, and it has lots of battery issues. My wife has my hand-me-down 180, and she only charges when it gets low. Her battery lasts much longer than mine, and it's older! So I wouldn't necessarily trust the overcharge protection.

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