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    I bought TCRinger and four ringtones through TreoCentral way back in June. I installed it as instructed, but my new ringtones are not showing up in the radio--only the system ringtones.

    I sent multiple emails to MarkSpace asking for support. When they finally wrote back two months later, they said that they don't support TCRinger and that I should talk to TreoCentral. So I sent mail there and have heard no response either.

    Would someone PLEASE tell me how to get ringtones onto this damned thing? Are they supposed to be downloaded somewhere? Were they supposed to be attached to the mail with my receipt for TCRinger?

    I'm about to call TreoCentral and get my money back. But I'd rather have the ringtones.

    What do I need to do to make that happen?

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    The four ringtones you got came as a .pdb file. Sync that over to the Treo.

    [list=1][*]Run TCRinger on the Treo[*]From the Welcome screen, select "Manager Ring Tones"[*]Above the list on the left is a place to select different "packs" (.pdb) of ringtones it finds. Select the one that has the new ringtones you want to use.[*]On the right, select "Radio" from the drop down above the list. This is the list of Ring Tones on the radio.[*]Select a ring tone in the list on the left you want. Select "Copy", and the tone is moved to the radio.[/list=1]

    Now you can switch to the "Individuals" screen and assign ring tones to certain names in your phone book, or "Groups" to assign the ring tone to a certain category of caller.
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    There are no .pdb files in my TCRinger directory, so I don't know if syncing the Treo is moving anything over.

    From the Welcome screen, when I go to Manage Ringtones, I see a list of system tones. Above the list is a dropdown menu with two choices:

    System Midi Sounds

    There's no indication that I've found anywhere in TCRinger that my new ringtones have been transferred into the Treo. Nor is there any instructions for how to transfer ringtones that do not show up as .pdb files on my computer.

    Did they not send me the tones, or what?
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    The .pdb file was attached to your receipt, and it was available for download after the purchase. If you send me your order #, I can re-generate the album.
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    The receipt came to me as plain vanilla ASCII email, with a long, long string of hex code at the bottom. Perhaps that was supposed to be the attachment.

    I am sending you a copy of the receipt by TreoCentral mail.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Hmmm, where are you reading the email (Palm, PC, Mac) and what email program. Sounds like your email program is not dealing with attachments correctly.
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    I'm using Outlook 2000. I receive attachments all the time without incident. The email from TreoCentral was the only email in months that has come through botched.
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    That's exactly how I received the emails too. Even when I purchased another tone. Good thing I downloaded them on this site, because the email was just gobbledygook instead of a link or code.
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    That little problem has been fixed. I purchased a new ringtone, and the file came as an attachment.
    Thanks for fixing it TC!
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    I haven't gotten any response from you. Did you get the receipt I sent you by email? Please let me know if I need to resend it.
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    Send me your order number again and I will regenerate the ringtones.
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    Thank you. Mail has been sent.
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    Still haven't heard from you. What do I need to do to get my ringtones? (Or a refund?) This issue has been unresolved for over three months now. How much more patient do I need to be?

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