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    Anyone try to view exchange 2003 OMA with a Treo?

    I believe the requirements are Wap 1.21 compatable browser

    Anyone know if the treo is WAP 1.21 compatable?

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    I've been using OWA 2003 since Jan. of this year. It works great on the Treo, and I've had no complaints.
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    For those who dont know the new OWA has something called OMA. It is Outlook Mobile Acsess. Supposely there is no need for programs like OWA for PDA. It is suppose to be a Wap enable version of OWA.

    Thats why i asked. I can do a search for OWA on my own in the forums
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    Sorry, I meant to say OMA. Microsoft integrated Mobile Information server (which I also used to use) into Exchange 2003. It's all set and ready to go as soon as you install, but you need to configure service providers in Exchange Service Manager if you want alerts sent to your phone.
    I also get a warning everytime I goto the mobile page using Blazer, but it still works fine. I haven't tried it on any other WAP devices but my treo but it is definately the MOBILE site, not the OWA site, which I of course also use with a normal web browser and I am alo happy with. The OWA does not display properly in blazer but it's overkill anyways when the mobile page lets you do everything anyways.
    I hope that helps. Sorry for the confusion.

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