I have a treo300 that lost power and went dead. When I restored the memory, all seemed to go well (I use BackUp Buddy). Then I realized that my registered programs all seemed to have lost their passwords. Additionally, AlertMgr (to give 'nag beeps' for unchecked SMS and calls) didn't work, and calling it up gave a FatalError (and I found its icon, but not the program). Worse yet, when I try to re-synch again, despite the conduits set to 'Synchronize', the computer keeps acting like it's looking at a fresh Palm device, asks for the name, and then re-writes the old stuff from computer to palm. The 'no name' state is confirmed by not seeing any name in the right upper screen when I go to the Hotsynch application screen.

Does anyone know how I can get an I.D. back? And how I can 'save' my new data, since I can't get the Palm to save back to the computer?