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    Can someone help me here?
    I have the Treo 300 now. Is there a better, newer, cooler TREO out yet? If so where do you get it? Circuit City was shut off.
    Is it still a Sprint phone?

    The ultimate goal here is to have the best, most awesome phone with all the toys on it. Does anyone know of another carrier, or phone that fits this?
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    In case you're being serious, it's called the Treo 600. There's a LOT of great information on this forum about it if you're interested in reading more! Good luck snippie!

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    You've got the coolest phone currently available. At least until October! :-)
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    Some would argue that the Samsung i500 is the coolest pda smartphone currently available. I myself am waiting for the T600. Come on Handspring (pa1mOne)!

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