I bought a Treo today and upgraded from a visor pro by backing the pro to the computer, and then restoring from that backup onto the Treo.

This worked fine for the most part, but I think I'm seeing some relics of having installed Chrome long ago, because some of my colors are screwed up. For example, Blazer uses a light grey for the background of all it's pages, but it does so in an inconsistent way so that there are splotches of white everywhere.

CityTime does the same thing.

Does anyone have any idea how i might initialize these colors or something? I have tried using PrefEdit to remove everything created by Blazer and CityTime, but this has not fixed anything.

I even tried reinstalling chrome and selecting the "system" color scheme, but these 2 apps are stubbornly holding onto these ugly defaults.

Please help me, it's ugly!

Craig Tanis