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    Potential Pocket PC Phone convert here. REALLY tempted to switch to the Treo. 600 looks sweet, but not sure I want to wait 2 more months. Should I go for the 300 now, or will I regret it big time when the 600 comes out? Wanted some opinions from you current and future Treo owners.

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    Absulute night and day difference.

    Wait for the Treo is a hundred times better than the 300.

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    Refer to this thread:

    There is a discussion of purchasing a Treo300 today for $99 after rebates (and 2 yr contrat), then upgrading to the Treo600 this fall with a $100 upgrade incentive. That would essentially allow you to use the Treo300 for a couple months for "free" until you upgrade to the Treo600. The only loose is that you have to sign a the two year contact though...
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    Depends a lot upon whether you want a phone that also does PDA/data, or a PDA/data device that also does voice. The 300 does both pretty well, IMNSHO, but H'spring itself cops to the 600 being a phone first and foremost:

    I want a PDA/wireless device that also does voice, and so I'm keeping my 300. I'm not bothered by the size of the 300 and don't see a smaller screen and smaller thumbboard as improvements. I sympathize - a bit - with the cellphone fashionistas who feel terminally geeky when they put a 300 upside their head, but the 600, while marginally smaller than a 300, will still be largish for a candybar phone. The two things I would really like to see improved on the 300 - screen resolution and color depth - won't be, at least in the first iteration of the 600. A camera, expansion slot, faster processor, Palm OS 5, better version of Blazer etc. are all nice but not, for me, all that important individually or collectively. YMMV.

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