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    Maybe I missed the thread,

    But SplashPhoto's new 4.xx versions changed the entire design of the program...

    it now has 2 way snyc, and you can see the pictures ont he computer and handheld.

    it also went to JPG image files for better compatibility.

    HOWEVER, when it went to this, now my PDAApps TreoPictureCallerID does not work (says can not locate database).

    Has anyone else had this issue ands is there a way around it? I went to the PDAApps site and nothing but the same version of Picture CallerID I have.



    PS - Of course in a few months this wont be an issue once the 600 is here
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    The PDAApps people emailed me and said they are looking into Splashphoto 4.0 support....

    They said I can use the other methods of getting the pictures in, but splashphoto converted all my pics to jpgs when I upgraded and that would be a major hassle and eat up too much room in the phone.

    So I will either wait until they get jpg support for TreoPictureCaller ID... or of course the 600 has image support built in and hopefully it will be here ina month or two.

    Hasn't anyone else had this issue?


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