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    Regarding the Nextel comment, there service is pretty shotty around the nation too. I don't think there's a provider out there that has perfect coverage in every major city. Nextel is shady around the Philly area and in and around Dallas, TX. Their network is also totally their own, so they lose out because they have such a major deal with Motorola.

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    Then get a phone that works with Verizon or Nextel. A Palm/Handspring exec is not going to read your whining and complaining here and all of a sudden beg Verizon to partner with them.
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    I don't know about the treo's performance during the blackout but , in Detroit, where the blackout was much longer, Sprint and my i500 did pretty well. I also carry a Verizon phone and found it to be better at getting a voice call through than Sprint but its email service was down throughout the blackout.

    I am concerned that the treo is digital only which will reduce its coverage, but sprint's cdma coverage will still have a better US footprint than any GSM/GPRS provider.
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic

    Well good riddance!
    Wow, you guys take this Treo thing a little too serious. It's just a phone. The guy went through a tough time and his phone, for one reason or another, didn't help. People have ditched much better products for worse reasons than that. Just relax!!!
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    I agree that Sprint should not be judged too harshly based on the fact that its cell phone service stunk locally in NYC during the blackout. I say this because if the electric power was out constantly, the quality of life outside of our cell phone service would be somewhat poor also.

    Sprint does need to improve its network. But I give it a grade of 8 1/2 in NYC and Nassau County, barring future blackouts.
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    The last time I checked, the primary consideration in the selection of a cell phone is not its expected performance during a mjaor regional electricity failure! I have used a number of pda/phone combos as well as phone only devices - the device has an impact on my satisfaction as does the provider - I have been delighted and disappointed at various times by all devices and all providers - it's a fact of life! so judge the 600 based on what you need and which charateristics are most critical but please don't use a once in 30 year occurence to decide.
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    Martin Sheen, as president, is handed a cell phone for an important, national security type call. The connection goes dead. His next line is,

    "I don't care what they say, cell phones don't work yet!"
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