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    - My treo worked fine as a $300 flashlight during the NYC blackout. The phone (Sprint) was worthless all night Thursday and had spotty service Friday. Nextel and Verizon cell phones were working fairly well since I used them to make calls while I had the "network service not available" cue on my Treo.
    - I was planning on purchasing a Treo 600, but not now. Time to accept the reality that the Treo sucks as a phone and probably will during the next generation (note there's a lack of pre-release publicity regarding "fixing" known Treo 300 phone problems, although plenty of news about the new keyboard design and other such trivia.
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    I basically said the same thing yesterday:

    "Surfing the web was OK on my Treo 300 during the Power failure. Usually, I get 3 or 4 bars inside my house. But I only got 1 bar during the electric power failure inside my house. In my backyard, I got 2 bars. During the Blackout, I was not able to make any local calls in NYC on my Treo 300. I often got "no signal" when I tried. I was able to call Ameritrade, however, on their 800 number.

    I mention this because alot of people (including myself) are either considering or have already gotten rid of their landline phone for their cellular phone. After experiencing this electrical power failure, I think that is a mistake. The landline phones worked great during this crisis. The Treo 300 was pretty worthless as a phone. Moreover, I couldn't help but notice how weak the Treo 300 battery is. That car charger saved me."
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    I was on Wall Street for the first few hours of the blackout and stayed in NYC for about 5 hours.

    The Phone service on the Treo was spotty.
    It usually did not work, but once in a while I was able to get through.

    Its easy to blame Sprint as I did see people with Verzon on the phone. However, I am not willing to dump it yet. I believe the spotty service was simply to do Sprint being overloaded. My bet is that in other parts of the country, Sprint out performed Verzon.

    In any event, the Treo is more than a phone.
    Sometimes, knowing that you can use it as a flashlight (as I did to walk up steps) can be very important and useful.
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    I cant see how this is a Treo issue, sounds like a Spint issue. I was not there, but cell towers run on electricity, and if there was not power, i dont see how you would not expect service problems. Not to mention all the people calling each other, I am sure part of the problem was way overloaded capacity. I had trouble making calls from GA to NY during the blackout.... Im not ready to dump my landline.
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    these folks are trolls and liars...I have several friends who used their Treo's during the blackout, im-ing and emailing throughout.

    the sprint network is damn good in NYC, if you actually use it.

    I doubt these people were actually using 300's, let alone in NYC.

    Go pedal that crap somewhere else.
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    I was there. Sprint coverage was terrible. But so was T-Mobile and ATT. The only cell in our party of 5 that worked was Verizon.
    In case no one informed you guys - there was a power outage. How far do you think radio waves at that frequency can travel with no power.
    Yes - I was pissed too. Had just as bad reception in Weehawkin, NJ. Only started getting reception/coverage in southern NJ.
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    I suppose one could use an event that happens once every 15 years as the decision criteria for purchase of a phone. Myself, I think I'll use the regular daily reception.
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    - The only reason I brought up the issue is that I was using Nextel and Verizon phones during the blackout while in Manhattan. So somehow they were working, at least after 830PM Thursday. I tried my Treo many times Thrusday night and Friday, using a car charger, but no luck until Friday afternoon and even then service was weak and unreliable requiring several attempts per call.
    - Back to a seperate cel phone and organizer for me. The novelty of a "swiss army knife" solution that tries to combine cell/web/email/phone fell short when the Sprint system was stressed. Unfortunately, I don't think the HS/Palm team can attract a "top shelf" cell provider for the Treo600 and I've had it with Sprint's "third world service".
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    Were the Treo270s running on TMobile or ATT any better during the blackout?
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    I never lost signal for a moment during the blackout in upstate NY (Saratoga Springs). I made several calls, and was online.

    But as the other poster said, making a purchase decision on blackout performace is stupid.

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    Really a dumb way to decide...15 year event and 2/3 of the USA geography not impacted...
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    I wasn't able to make local calls on my Sanyo 6400 cell phone (via the Sprint Network) either during the blackout in NYC.
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    verizon and sprint share the same towers in NYC, along with many other carriers. they have backup power, etc., so where the backup worked, you were good to go.

    soft reset would've helped too, as the carriers reset their networks.

    I think the point is that although everyone has problems, singling Sprint out is disingenuous.
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    People who live in NYC are just honestly reporting the value of their cell phone service in NYC during the blackout: It was pretty much worthless as far as local calls go. Now I don't know if you work for Sprint or not, and honestly I don't care but I find your name calling to be pretty low and despicable.

    these folks are trolls and liars...I have several friends who used their Treo's during the blackout, im-ing and emailing throughout.

    Honestly, you are a low life.

    Do you live in NYC? Did you experience the blackout? So, shut up and let people who did express their opinion.
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    my post was in regards to the original poster, E.G., and his cross-post to several forum in an attempt to over-generalize about the treo and Sprint.

    I'm not saying there weren't problems, I'm just saying they affected everyone.

    IMHO, he was trolling.

    As for name calling, you've told me to shut up, that I'm dispicable, and a low life. I guess you believe you're entitled to name-calling in this instance...I just call a spade a spade.
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    First of all, I have not told anyone to cancel their Sprint service. As for myself, I have been with Sprint PCS for 5 years and plan to continue with Sprint. I basically like Sprint, although their local phone service during the blackout was worthless. And this is not just my opinion. Sprint PCS is popular with all the geeks in NYC. No one that I know of is bolting away from Sprint. I did say previously that the Internet was accessible. It was the cell phone service that was poor. And soft resets did not help!!!!!All the blackout did for me was make me realize that I should not get rid of my landline.

    So I say again, unless you live in NYC and experienced the blackout, back off and just let people who did experience the blackout express their opinion without calling them "trolls or liars."

    You never answered my question: Do you work for Sprint? You sure sound like it.
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    i can't really dispute your first couple paragraphs...sounds like you like Sprint. Good for you.

    Again, I called ONE person a troll, not everyone.

    As far as 'backing off', which I a bit tamer than 'shut up', again, this was ONE person I was referring to (and his ilk).

    Where I live is irrelevant, as I was referring to several family and friends who were in NYC during the blackout.

    As far as your question of if I worked for Sprint, I will neither confirm nor deny that until you clarify why you want to know.
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    I don't know about you guys, but there were many numbers I could not get through to using landlines or wireless (and almost all of the numbers I was trying to reach were landlines themselves). I do know that the lack of power to cell sites made cell service pretty spotty, but landline service to certain exchanges was so congested that most calls did not go through. One number I tried to reach on Roosevelt Island was inaccessible all day Friday until about 6:30 pm. I probably tried it over 100 times before I got through.

    I do hope that after this experience, the wireless providers will think about using more battery and other back-ups for cell sites in key locations.

    One further comment: one of my friends who uses Nextel was unable to use his cell phone about 90% of the time during business hours on Friday, so Nextell was not immune, either.
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    Just a little info. Per tower during the blackout Sprint had 27 times normal usage. 35% of their towers did go down and come back up off and on all day friday. As a result the problems people have described are unfortunately true. Having said all of that, I still can't understand why someone would call it third world service. You find me a carrier that sounds consistently as clear as SpritnPCS, on a DAILY BASIS, and I'll switch in a heartbeat. I've tried them all friends. Nobody, NOBODY, can top Sprint.

    And no, I don't work for Sprint.
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    dr. doom speaketh the truth...thanks for enlightening the masses.

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