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    Originally posted by JakeE

    Obviously you are not familiar with the concept of Universal Design.

    You are saying there is no such thing as the Ultimate form factor?

    Look at an ACE comb. Combs are a great example of an ultimate form factor. The ancient Egyptians used combs five thousand years ago and if you compare a comb that is hundreds of years old to a current one they are basically identical—same thing with a hair brush.

    Think about it?

    Uh, Jake, I am familiar with the concept of UD, and four principles that help with it:
    - ensure a wide range of anthropometric fit
    - reduce energy expenditure
    - clarify the environment
    - use the systems approach

    However, you are not, as you've used the comb as an example, which is not a UD example.

    You're Phantom Jive doesn't work for blind people, older people, peopel with glasses, .....ERRRRR...thanks for playing, and here's your Rice-A-Roni.

    How are the coco-puffs?
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    Originally posted by JakeE


    My background is in Strategic Design and Marketing.

    Among other things I own a clothing design company and I have been designing for close to twenty years. And yes, I get paid for what I do, but that is not what makes me a professional. There are many people who get paid for what they do that are not professional.

    In my opinion, being professional by definition lies in your ability to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see things from their perspective in a respectful precise manner. A gigolo gets paid to make love with women. I don’t get paid to make love with women, but that does not mean I don’t make better love to my woman than a gigolo. Capish?

    I also have significant experience with UI (User Interface) design. Prior to scheduling a meeting with Jeff I sent him a proposal for my BulletTrain Keyboard UI Concept which he reviewed.

    As previously mentioned, I will be posting my work product so you can judge for yourself.

    Maybe not a gigolo, be definitely an attention wh*re the way this thread has gone... ;-)

    I doubt you have any degree, let alone your own business.
    Maybe you worked at Old Navy.

    Strat. Mkt and Design? Pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuleeze.

    Can't wait for the work products, which will never be posted, as this is all a farce (albeit entertaining).
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    Originally posted by JakeE

    I have no idea. I am completing a major project that requires my undivided attention at this moment.

    As soon as I get the chance I will put up my presentation. My presentation is extremely detailed and it will take some time to modify it for the web. I would say I should be able to get it up by this coming weekend.

    Undivided attention? Too late, it seems your major project is posting here.
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by JakeE


    Your Kung Fu is weak.


    You are 16 or 17 years old, never met with Hawkins, and love Sci-Fi movies (I know you saw "The Core"!)
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    Originally posted by daftgem

    Do you have any experience developing hardware and orginizational software that has seen a production run for a multimillion dollar corporation? If so I retract all of my statements.
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    Originally posted by JakeE
    As far as I am concerned I believe the management of Handspring including Jeff Hawkins has a fiduciary obligation to their investors.

    There are two kinds of investors I am talking about here; the investors who bought securities and invested their hard earned money in HS stock and the class I represent which are the customers who invested their hard earned money in Mr. Hawkins Treo.

    Jeff Hawkins had the gall to point to my Treo 270 which I placed on his table during our meeting and say “We just pushed that out the door because we had to.” As if to suggest it was a piece of garbage.

    Then he pointed to his Treo 600 prototype and said, “this is the real thing.” I remember thinking to myself, “Gee, I am glad that I and the dozens of poeple who I convinced to invest in purchasing a current model Treo got to be your guinea pigs.” Talk about outrageous insolence!!!

    As far as I am concerned this is highly unethical business behavior and the SEC should investigate how HS management rewarded themselves for failing so miserably. I’ll bet you there was not one person who bought HAND stock that imagined that Jeff as the Captain of the ship would only work one day a week for the last year???
    This is yet more proof that you have never run a business, and have no concept of it.

    And, you never met with JH...this is all a ruse to get attn/

    Congrats, you succeeded. Time to go back and pull stick to Buffy.
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    Originally posted by JakeE
    Nautilus Man:

    Sour grapes??? I think not. You are suggesting I am suffering from cognitive dissonance???

    Correct me if I am wrong but weren’t you the one who insisted that I was hallucinating and suffering from delusions of grandeur and that I made up the fact that I had a meeting with Jeff Hawkins?

    Did you not say: “There was no "meeting." It never happened. Unfortunately, that is the entire point and content of this lengthy thread IMO.”

    You even went so far as to say: "Remember that kid (Jason Blair) that they busted at NY times for fabricating news stories and making stuff up? He was appropriately discredited for the drama king that he was."

    You tell me who the DRAMA QUEEN is?

    I rest my case.


    Jake, since you like quotes and queens, here you go:

    "I'm king, you're queen. I sh*t, you clean".
    - Schoolyard

    It's not Voltaire, but neither is this thread.
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    Alright boys and girls, time to stop this thread.
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