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    I know pieces of this have been posted, but I figured I'd post a link to the archive. My apologies if this has been posted before.
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    I just wanted to specify that I did not say women represented 50% of the smartphone market. I said that represent slightly over 50% of the population. But we -could- represent 50% of the smartphone market.

    And why not? In 10 years everyone will be on a smartphone of some sort anyway- I mean, way back when phones were bricks who would have considered that animated pictures on your phone would be necessary or important? (a question I still can't answer). The company that wins is the company with the most models to suit all types of the population- because we haven't even mentioned what teens and young adults want- $$$$ ! (And smartphone can mean a whole lot of things- not just pda/phone combo).

    I only bother to clarify because I occasionally run into a strange self-defeating attitude about tech things like "oh women won't ever buy those anyway" or a stranger yet boy-club attitude about tech gadgets. My only comment on that is it is bad for sales. Make grandmothers want and need broadband and you have accomplished something huge. And that is happening already. Think saturation and think big -not only in dollars but technical/cultural/ and societal change. I personally am very much pro- technical evolution, and I am sure everyone here is as well!

    Let us remember that Treo is trying to appease a number of users with only ONE product! I love the 600 and will no doubt upgrade, I am just making a point regarding the larger picture. Eventually, maybe they can have a business type model, a general model- like the 600, and a scaled down model for everyone else (which I think a previous poster mentioned). Then we can all be happy
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    This treo newsletter is so unbearably cute, you almost expect Jeff hawkins writes a column how his grand mama inspires the shape of the antenna when he watches her cookie dough rises.

    Plus hasn't somebody told them hyping a consumer electronic product is a BIG mistake? By the time the product is out, it will be stale! I wouldn't be surprised if everybody is reacting and accelerating their product release beause of this.
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    You are rough. I guess I need to pay more attention to the forum, but can somebody please get me a copy of your origin issue. lol. I just can't understand why you burn so much with regards to Handspring. Did they secretly kidnap your sister when she was young and you've been trying to uncover the conspiracy ever since, or what? Just curious.
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