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    i have a treo 180, that i got from a friend locally .
    i was able to unlock it, so i can use my sim card.
    however in tha network settings, it comes pre-programed with the T-Mobile, internet and VPN settings and it shows "LOCKED"

    i am able to add new settings to the phone, but i am not able to delete the T-Mobile settings.

    If i ran out of battery , my settings are deleted, but the locked settings from T-Mobile are not. How do i delete the pre - programmed settings from T-mobile and / or replace them with my own... so i dont have to re-programmed them everytime.

    i have spoken with T-mobile , but they are not very helpfull.

    please help.
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    Unfortunately, I'm having a similar problem. I'm with Rogers AT&T and the data service is just too expensive. I'd like to be able to dial up my server/gateway at home and connect, but of course the device was hobbled by the GPRS software that I intalled when I was using the Rogers data service.

    Somehow we have to get rid of this software to connect. How about removing the battery? Any other suggestions?

    They should allow you to connect to any data source so long as you pay for the connection time.....

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