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    GSM coverge in Canada is quite good. However, I travel frequently to different locations in the U.S. Rogers/ATT in Canada has roaming agreements with several carriers in the U.S., but coverage in some areas, such as Illinois is nearly non-existent (e.g., only Chicago is covered) while coverage in other locations (e.g., California) is nearly universal (600 cities covered). My question is "How quickly is GSM coverage growing in the U.S.?" I am willing to purchase a 600g if coverage is rapidly increasing and I can expect coverage to be close to universal throughout the U.S. in a year or so (the GSM version will allow me to use the phone internationally while,obviously the CDMA version will not). However, if this is uncertain, I may go with the CDMA model. Here's the link to roaming coverage for anyone that is interested.
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    I don't know if T-mobile has plans in Canada, but they seem to be the best in the US. They have roaming agreements with all the other major GSM carriers in the US and provide coverage while roaming at no additional cost. Plus they have an unlimited data option (with a voice plan) for $19.99. I am currently with AT+T and have never tried T-mo, but certain things I like about T-mo.
    1. They don't charge for roaming on GSm network(At+T does)
    2. They will unlock their phones after 90 days(unlike AT+T)
    3. They have an unlimited data option for hard core web surfers.
    4. Their plans are cheaper.
    5. For international coverage, you don't need a monthly fee to get the normal rates that T-mo has.

    Now having said that, AT+T continues to build towers for its GSM service and have a partnership with Cingular for putting up towers faster than they could do alone.

    I don't know all of the options you have in Canada, but in the US the following is my assessment of the cellphone market:

    If you want the best voice coverage choose Verizon.
    If you want the best unlimited internetCDMA) and voice choose Sprint.
    If you like the ability to take your phone with you to oher countries then Choose T-mobile and you can get unlimited data for an extra $20. I have At+t and while it's ok and getting better you have to roam to use other networks while with T-mo it is included.

    I hope this helps.
    Waiting for October....(T600)

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