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    Can I get any help with the following questions since I am a newbie with my Treo?

    I was used to certain things that I could access with my other phones (Sanyo 8100, 5300, etc), such as the "My Account" where I could see my current plan usage, etc, maybe even pay online if I wanted? I also could access my shortmail inbox. With my current phone, all those options seem to have dissapeared from the pages in the wireless web. When I click on "messaging" on the home page, the only option that pops up in the next page is for "Business Connection". And I don't even see a choice on the page to find out what my current plan usage is? Can anyone help me out? Where did the normal Vision Home page go?

    Second, I am trying to understand what this PQA thing is. I downloaded several "web-clipping" libraries so I could try this way of accessing the internet. I got these libraries from:

    His instructions are fairly vague. All he says is to install the libraries, then go to to find a PQA. I have no idea what that means. I go to that site, and I just find a library of software, and have no idea where to start. I downloaded something off handango called "MobileWeb", but it isn't really working (not connecting to the internet at all). How am I supposed to be able to utilize these clipping libraries? BTW, I was referenced to that site for web clipping by something I read in a treo forum somewhere. Even though it doesn't mention Treo anywhere in the page, it is supposed to be compatible?!

    Thanks for any advice you can give me!
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    I am a newbie myself, and it took me a bit of time and searching to get clipping to work on my treo. Try this:

    1. System->Preferences
    2. Wireless from the dropdown menu.
    3. Click on proxy, and when prompted, select default.

    I don't recall if proxy is something that was changed during my account setup session, but changing it to the default enabled web-clipping, and does not seem to have broken anything else (you may want to make a note of what it is set to before doing this, in case it does not work). Hope that helps.

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