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    Anybody ever get a busy signal without making a call??? I have a T300 that gets a busy signal even when I'm not making a call. Any ideas?
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    ALL THE TIME and it is VERY annoying.

    I have called Sprint 5 or 6 times about it, but like Mick Jagger says, I can't get no satisfaction.

    I either get transferred from one department to another, back and forth, each telling me that it is "clearly" an issue for the other department. Or, I am told they will get back to me. Of course, they don't.

    One I was told to check That was funny.

    Yesterday--my latest call--I was told they would check into it and "fix it." Not holding my breath.

    There are other posts about it--it is not an uncommon problem.

    Oddly, I was in Chicago last week, and I don't think it happened once all week. Back to Albany, New York, it's happening all the time.

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    Have you installed the latest updater? Do you have a data connection when this happens (either active or sleeping) I'm wondering if that would help. It almost sounds like it is trying to get a data connection and having a problem. This is just a guess but I'm trying to put the pieces together.

    PS: I'm in Albany, NY as well
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    Yes, the latest update did no good. If anything it is worse.

    It seems to happen when I have a data connection going. Sometimes the result is a lost connection--sometimes I see the "Recovering from 3G Failure" message. And, other times, it seems to still be working but with the busy signal going off.

    It is really annoying, but Sprints lack of acknowledgment and answers is even more annoying.

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